Signs That You Need a New E-Commerce Platform

When it comes to e-commerce platforms, you will always need to migrate especially if you did not choose your software wisely. Although you might want to cling on your original platform, there are some signs that you can’t ignore. It will reach a point where you will have no choice but to get a new platform. Factors that can force you to look for a new e-commerce software include;

  • Customer complaints

A wrong e-commerce platform will affect your customers experience when they are in your site. Slow loading pages and limited features can be a real turn off for prospective customers. You should have in mind that the level of competition in e-commerce is like nothing you have ever seen. The minute your customers are unsatisfied, they don’t need any other thing apart from moving on to the next seller. To add on this, they will e more than ready to share their bad experiences on your sites on forums and reviews.

  • Security

Since e-commerce platforms are built differently, you will realize that some have weak security. The type of e-commerce platform that has a lousy security measure in place can be the worst nightmare to any e-commerce entrepreneur. With hacks focusing on e-commerce sites, you will require a good e-commerce platform like Shopify in order to protect your customers and business from these hacks adequately. The reason why Shopify is known to have the best security is that they host your online shop for you. That means that your site will be hosted on servers designed for e-commerce which are built to keep hackers away.

  • Limited functionality

Running a successful online business requires you to use more than just your e-commerce platform to get things done. If you are using multiple sales channels, you will want to integrate your platform with other applications and hardware to add capabilities to your system. An e-commerce platform that does not integrate with third-party plug-ins can prevent your online shop from getting you more customers. Remember that the rate at which new technology is introduced to e-commerce is high and it is essential that you keep up with the emerging trends.


The moment you realize that your e-commerce platform is restricting your business activities, then you have no choice. Failure to comply with the demands of your customers and e-commerce as a whole due to bad platform choice can mean you are going out of business.

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